Good weekend

Its been a good weekend so far. Lars and I did some cross-country skiin Friday afternoon. Later on Johan meet up at Lars house and we decided to have a sauna. When we were done there Johan showed us that he brought a bottle of Morgan. After a while we were out of ice but managed to fix that the Swedish way. The night ended with a 1 a clock air rifle contest human target style.

Next morning up at nine a clock and of for some more more cross-country skiing with Erica this time.
Now its time for conditioning training at the gym to finish of the weekend. Next week I am getting a clip card at the swimming facility next to my gym. Its going to be swimming and underwater training from now on until the trip. Hopefully its going to be some more posts from the gym next week. After watching chasing Mavericks yesterday I got even more motivated do get in better shape. Strongly recommend that movie.




Surfing exercise

It´s about two months until Erica and I leaving Sweden for three months of warm water surfing. To don´t waste any time there, I am trying to get in the best shape I possible can. Until the ice melts I spend about five days a week at the gym trying to do exercises similar surfing moves, or exercises that I hope will approve my surfing.

In the clip below I am showing some exercises that I have been doing the last couple of months. I have set a couple of goals. I want to lose about three kilograms before the trip. If I do so I am going to weigh under 80 kg which I think will be good for my surfing. I also want to build long muscles that will actually help my surfing instead of just gym muscles. Hopefully there will be some more videos under the new category Training.