Cross country skiing at Hunneberg, Vänersborg – Go Pro view

Today I did my cross country skiing debut this winter. Lars and I skied about 10 km of mostly untouched tracks. Tomorrow Ill probably ski again since we never know
for how long the snow is going to last. So my plane is to keep skiing as much as I can for now on.
Luckily the forecast predicts it going to stay cold for a while, so we are hopefully able to do some long distance skating and some ice surfing the next couple of days.


Ice surfing again

When I finished school today I realized that it was windy and the perfect direction. I called Lars first thing and asked if he wanted to check out if there was any waves on the lake. I thought it would at least be some waves for SUP. Well we got the the intended surf spot and faced this:


After that we went back to Lars house and I realized that its not going to be any surf until Costa Rica. We both felt like surfing though and the wind was good. So we decided to try the “ice windsurfboard” once again.

After the surf Lars and I did some updates on the board, and tomorrow we are planning to take it out again. This time we are bringing some more camera equipment and some better cloths.