Sunset surf

Now in the end of the week high tide is late in the afternoon. Since Alde works best on mid going to high tide, we could finally have a sunset surf for the first time here.
The swell was supposed to be smaller yesterday, but when we got there we could hear the stones rolling down the beach and the waves breaking on the pier louder than the other days. We were lucky. It ended up being the biggest and “cleanest” day on the trip with a perfect sunset with Tenerife in the background. Lasse toke a lot of photos and recorded some from the beach before going out himself, and I recorded almost every wave from the gopro.
I am putting up some photos now, but the gopro going to take a bit longer this time now when I have more material than before. Tomorrow we are flying back to Sweden to reality. Hopefully it’s going to be some more storms before winter hits full on.


Aldea, day two

The second day at the Canaries, Lars and I went back to Aldea. This time we went the opposite way around the island to make the trip shorter. It still takes about one hour and 20 minutes to get there. We have now surfed Aldea about four times, but this day was the first time we saw Tenerife. It was just a couple of kilometers away. I think it might have been clouds and fog the other times we have been there. You can also see Teide (the volcano). What Lars can remember its about 3000 meters high. Should not be to hard to see from a couple of kilometers. Tomorrow we are going back up to the “north shore” to get some waves. We have also been taking go pro movies that I will put up later on.


Back at the Canaries

After a long travel day Lars and I finally arrived to our hotel on Gran Canary. We are staying at the same place as we did last time, but a different hotel. Since the well looked super good ( north east) we decided to head up north. We went do check out Las Palmas. It was messy but we went out any way. After like 15 minutes of just paddling we went back in. Instead of keep surfing Las Palmas we went a bit east on the same shore. It still looked bad so we sat back into the car and went for the east coast, playa Aldea. In the end it turned out to be a good choice. It delivered as it did a year and a half ago 😉


Some old photos from Consta Rica, Tamarindo

Just found some of my old photos from my Costa Rica trip some rears ago. In a few months Erica and I will be there once again.

At the moments I am in the middle of my finals. I am doing my last final this Saturday. The light in the darkness is that Lars and I going to the Canary Islands this Sunday or Thursday. The swell looks super good!!!