Last night in Hoddevik

Finally back in Sweden again. My new classes have already started and I have my first mid-term in two weeks. In my face right away.
What you see in this photo is the view from one of the mountains in Hoddevik the last night we were there. I would love to sit up there when a big swell is rolling in. On the other hand, I would love to be in the water rather be in the water then sitting up there 😉


The Ervik Penguin-Dance

Today we tried SUP for the first time in our life’s. It started out glassy and we tried to catch some waves in the Hoddevik bay. After a while we started to paddle towards Ervik witch was suppose to be a two hour paddle. When we sneaked peaked around the corner we realized it was a bit further then we first thought. Then I yelled out, “were is mom when you need her to tell you not to paddle furthter then the pier”. We finally got to Ervik about three not that glassy hours. It was worth it since I got my first SUP wave in my life there. We went up on the parking lot waiting for Torkil to pick us up and drive us back to Hoddevik. Meanwhile waiting leaning against the fence to the graveyard Adam and Andreas did the penguin-dance to stay warm. I got it on camera as you can see 😉

And here comes the penguin-dance 😉

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Over and out // VBG Storm Riders

Some go pro

Today we surfed for about five hours. Thew waves could have been better, but we still had the topturn-svacker-off-the-lip competition 😉
Adam got the longest ride of the day, but Andreas and I got some big two second closeouts

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The forecast

The last couple of days has been intense with a lot of studying for my finals. At the same time we have been trying to find out if it´s worth going to Norway or not, since the swell forecast hasn’t been to impressing for the days we were suppose to be there. When i check out the forecast this morning it made my day and there is no doubt that we are going. One more final to go and the we are of…

We might have to stay if its epic 😉

Go PRO 2

And its finally here! Everything is set for the Norway trip.. The only thing that´s missing is my driving licens.. Hopefully its going to be here before we leave. If not I am gonna have a chill trip up there sleeping in the back seat 😉
Tomorrow me and Andreas going out paddling before the other guys from the class going out for dinner and celebrating Saint Patrick´s day

Some pic from the paddle

Maybe its time for me to start write in English. Well here comes some photos from a couple days ago. Still no waves but in a couple of days there will be a hecka swell. All this photos has been taken with the first camera i got. It is a small canon digital ixus 700. I wrapped the camera in two plastic bags bags and then attached it to my wetsuit. It didn’t stay dry all the way in to the shore but it still works.. I think

Hoddevik Looks good!

Sitter och laddar inför Norge. Skall precis slänga iväg en beställning på en Go PRO så man är redo för vad som komma skall. När vi är uppe i Hoddevik brukar vi bo i Vita villan som drivs utav en norrman som heter Torkild. Han är ute och fotar nästan dagligen och lägger upp bilderna på sin sida så man kan se hur förhållandet är. Lånade några bilder ifrån hans sida. Bilderna är tagna den 9 mars i år. Man kan ju säga att det ser ganska så bra ut 😉

hoddevik 4

hoddevik 3

hoddevik 2
Foto: Torkild

Här kommer en lite teaser från Go Pro som jag lyckades halka på i veckan 😉

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Vänern (Vaenern)

Tog med mig kamera ut idag när jag körde min paddel runda som jag kört senaste vecka inför Norge resan. Går i funderingar att skaffa mig en gopro då en liters plastpåsar inte verkar vara optimala för kamera transport i vatten 😉 Ja vi får se vad budget räcker till. Om allt går som det skall är det 9 dagar kvar tills vi drar upp till Stadt land. De blir min tredje resa dit.

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