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  • Surf trip to Portugal – Ericera and Peniche

    In the en off September me, Adam , Andreas and three other broes left the fall in Sweden for some warmer weather and better waves down in Portugal.
    After some forgotten passports we were finally on the direct flight from Gothenburg to Lisaboa. We arrived late afternoon and finally got our boards and picked up our car.


    We had rented a apartment in Ericera with a awesome view of the town, and we could see about three or fore different surf spots from the balcony.

    IMG_2874 [1600x1200]


    The first couple of days we surfed at the beachbreak Foz Do Lizandro ten minutes south from Ericera. It was a decent beach break, a lot of people out in the water. Thes best thing about this break was probably the view from the restaurant where we had after surf food and beer!



    After trying out some of the waves down in Ericera we wanted to try out some spots around the Peniche area. Most of the places we looked at didn´t work at all, but we finally found a nice little wave.

    20150930_075755 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8183 [1600x1200]

    IMG_2913 [1600x1200]

    So we surfed this spot a couple of days both sunrise, day and sunset. And it worked good!

    IMG_8447 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8411 [1600x1200]

    IMG_2909 [1600x1200]

    IMG_2904 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8178 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8451 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8449 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8374 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8328 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8304 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8255 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8216 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8189 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8539 [1600x1200]

    IMG_8543 [1600x1200]

    IMG_2920 [1600x1200]

    IMG_2952 [1600x1200]

    IMG_2941 [1600x1200]

    IMG_2953 [1600x1200]

    Epic view from the roof of the building!

    IMG_2956 [1600x1200]

    IMG_2973 [1600x1200]

    That´s it for now.

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  • Summer surfing at Sikhall – Epic wind

    The last couple of weeks have been good. During the summer it can go weeks between the surf, but the last week been so good so we have been in the water three times three different days. The last week we surfed Vassbotten twice but last Saturday Lars and I went up to Sikhall and we scored big time. We both brought sails that was way to big for the wind but since we didn´t bring any other sails we had to suit up and go for it anyway. Good for us the wind was strong and consistence!

    Next week hopefully bring us a solid n swell with winds strong enough to create some waves at Vänern again. Time to get some new and smaller sails so we ca hit the big lake 😉


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  • Surfing in Varberg – Sweden

    Since Lasse and I got back from GC I havn´t been surfing at all, only windsursing. So when my friend Jonas called me and said that the forecast looked good this Sunday I had to meet up with him since he just got back after a six months long trip to Sri Lanka and Indo. The swell directions wasn´t perfect for the spot witch i never surfed before but it was good enough to have some party waves with good friends! I see great potential in this spot though. I think we can get some really good once there if we time the perfect swell.

    After the surf we went to surfers paradise to look at some new gear. Kind of want to get a 7.0 semi longboard type of board ( Jonas had one and it looked gooooood). Ended up picking up a hat and a new wetsuit for the upcoming kid.