Hoddevika day 3 – Storm

Last night the storm hit Hoddevika. Andreas and I woke up at 2am when the whole house was shaking because of the strong winds. Apparently the storm was classed as a hurricane. So today we started the day with a morning walk out to the pier to check out the wave conditions. It is still a bit stormy to paddle out. Hopefully the storm will create some good sandbanks for later today or tomorrow morning before we leave.

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Surfing in Hoddevika day 1

Andreas and I got a message from my friend who is working at the surf hostel Stad Surfing in Hoddevika. They told us that a good swell were kicking in this weekend so we decided to check it out. After a car breakdown in the beginning of the trip we were finally on the road with a new car 3 hours later than expected. Finally there we got two surfs sessions the first day. During the sunset a guy staying at the hostel snapped some photos from the beach. I asked him if I could have them so that’s way I am able to make this post.

The swell is picking up right now and Andreas and I are ready for the second surf today. Tomorrow is supposed to be big.. could be interesting 🙂

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A couple of summers ago me and my family went to Spain and France in the summer. I wrote a post about a driftwood (HERE) and how I didnÂŽt want to bring it home to Sweden. When we went surfing in Norway past fall i found a driftwood once again.
Andreas, Lars and I were crusing around on the beach after the surf waiting on the sunset. Just before the sunset I found this magnificent peace of driftwood calling out my name. This time a couldnÂŽt let the peace of driftwood just lay there alone on the beach. So i brought it back home.


For you guys who donÂŽt speak Norwegian, it says; “beach people”.


Hoddevik & Ervik

Slutar efter 4 minuter lite data problem bara


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Ett litet bildspel frÄn vÄran resa till Norge över midsommar helgen! BestÀmde mig efter denna resan att köpa en ny videokamera (Canon Legria HF200) och Àven en ny laptop som klarar av redigering lite bÀttre.
NÄgon som har bra förslag pÄ multimedia Laptops som klarar köra redigeringsprogram bra?
Prisklass runt 10000.


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