Winter Surfing in Sweden – January second

During the Christmas holiday the ice set at Vassbotten in Vänersborg. Thanks to strong wind a couple of degrees warmer weather we got some open water. During the afternoon on January second the wind was good enough for Lars and I to jump in the water to get the first surf of 2015. The water temperature was about one degree Celsius and the air was about the same. Even though we put on the winter suits it was pretty could and hard to hold on to the sail when the wind picked up. Lars seems to be chilling in the water on one of the photos, but I can tell you that my toes was pretty cold and my index fingers was frozen hard.
The surf wasn’t perfect but it felt good to be in the water again after a kind of slow fall. Thanks IH for taking the photos!

IMG_8020 [1600x1200]

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This is why I can´t surf

Every morning when I wake up, I look out my kitchen window to see how the lake looks like. This time a year the sun rises behind the mountain about 7 AM. Last night it was about minus 10 Celsius and when i looked out the window this morning it looked like the lake was on fire






The movie from Mr Black island

When Johan and I went to Mr Black island earlier this year, we had decided to record that trip from the begging to the end. As always I thought I had more batteries than I really had. So when we got to the island the batteries died and that´s the end of the movie so far. I am planning to edit the clip a bit more when I am getting some new material, but this is what i got so far



Me and my brother Alex went up to the mountain yesterday. I brought the camera and the new 24-105 lens to try it out. It was snowy, windy and cold, so i kept my gloves on most of the time. I did managed to take some photos before we made the fire and the battery went out. We went to this place named Grinnsjön and planed to BBQ some hot dogs there. Since it has unlimited supply of dry wood we thought it would be a easy thing. It wasn´t. I took us about one hour to light it up, and I can a sure you it wasn´t a Costa Rica bonfire we made.

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