The movie from Mr Black island

When Johan and I went to Mr Black island earlier this year, we had decided to record that trip from the begging to the end. As always I thought I had more batteries than I really had. So when we got to the island the batteries died and that´s the end of the movie so far. I am planning to edit the clip a bit more when I am getting some new material, but this is what i got so far


Mr Blacks island

Past summer I did some posts when Johan and I went SUP:ing. A couple of times we went this island that we call Mr Blacks island. It is a small island just outside Vänersborg. About 40 years or so it lived an old erimit there. He had a house, a tractor and small bridge who toke him over a small man-made channel. Today Mr Black is dead since many years. The bridge is gone and we couldn’t find the tractor on is Island. Since we didn’t explored that much of the island past summer we decided to do a trip once again.

The only problem with our trip was that most parts of Vänern outside Vänersborg are frozen these days. So we had to put the boards on the quatro and bring them closer to the island were the water is moving a bit more and keeps it from freezing. As all the the swedes know it has been super cold the last couple of days. I think it was about -10 C when we started to paddle out there. When we after five minutes got to the other side the gloves were all icy and the surface on the boards was cover with ice as well. We then made a short walk around the island to find the best campsite. As we had expected it was a small cape with old oaks hanging down in the water that we had looked at some months earlier. We made a small fire and had some hot dogs. When we were about to leave some fog came in over the water and at the same time the sun came out below the clouds and it was just magic.

IMG_3094 [1600x1200]

IMG_3112 [1600x1200]

IMG_5346 [1600x1200]

IMG_3104 [1600x1200]

Thanks to Johan for snapping some of the pic!!!