Surfing a island in Sweden

Saturday lunch Lars and I left VBG for some real surfing. We were heading for a new spot and we were meeting up some other surfers out there. Since we wanted a sunrise session we had rented a house with the other guys. Ill guess it wasn´t a bad thing that we could drink some beers and talk about all the EPIC waves we surfed both in Sweden, and around the world the day before surf.
Jonas which is the name of the other Vänern surferdude that I have surfed with before, had some unfinished business. Last time he got the sickest ride I ever seen someone get in Sweden. I think it was tubing a little bit that time. Well this time i made it equal with the wave you going to see in the go pro movie. Not even close to tubing, but probably the longest wave I have got in Sweden. Not a bad day at all. As I said out in the water ” feels a bit like Hawaii”, and it did 😉

Next time going to be a opening and some “tutorials” 😉