The Resano Surfing Family from Popoyo Nicaragua

If you haven’t heard about the Resano family from Playa Popoyo Nicaragua its about time you look up some of there movies. The family live at Playa Popoyo in Nicaragua. The dad Manuel Resano is a hella good surfer, but the cool thing with the family is hes three daughters. The two older once are surfing bigger waves then I do and I am sure they all going pro one day.

I had the pleasure to surf with the dad and two of his daughters at the main break at Popoyo some years ago. Manuel pushed hes daughters into the biggest sets and it was epic to see. Later that week Erica and I was lucky enough to share a table with them at the loca pizza place. They are some cool young girls!

Have a look at Manuels Youtube Channel HERE

This photo is of his middle daughter surfing!

Family resano

And this is the latest movie of his daughters surfing

Good surfing in Popoyo, Nicaragua – Go Pro view

Since I was stung by the jellyfish I spent most of my days on land in the shadow. Erica and I also went to get some medicine for the inflammation the other day. This morning I feel find and I am going the get into the water again. The swell started to pick up last night so this morning it suppose the be really good, and some decent size. Maybe today is the day to get a proper tube 😉

I put together some recordings from the first couple of days here.



When I paddled out this morning it felt like something hurt. Half way out I saw that the ocean was full of jellyfishes, and when I say full I mean like hundred thousand plus. I thought they would disappear at the lineup, but no. When the wave broke a stroke of jellyfishes went over the fall every time. Since I paddled out without a t-shirt or a rashguard I lasted for about 15 minutes. The result is that my body looks like I fall asleep in anthill. Erica just put on some cortisone lotion all over me. Ill guess I’ll see in the morning if it worked or not.

The good news is that Erica got some good photos of me yesterday, surfing the break next to Popoyo. Not any good barrels so far, but I am working on it. I have been surfing with a couple of guys from Spain and South Africa, and they sure know how to catch a barrel. Maybe tomorrow is the day for me 😉