Memories from El Salvador

Its almost two years ago Erica and I did our trip through Central America. When we were there the internet capacity didn´t allow med to upload all the movies I wanted, and when I got back I had a lot of material that I hadn´t used. So a couple of days ago I sat down and did a quick edit from Las flores in El Salvador.


Sunset windsurfing at Sikhall, Vänern – Go pro view

Last night I looked at the recordings from earlier that day, and was very happy when I saw the result. The videos almost looked as good as it felt… witch isn´t normal if you ask me. The wind was perfect, the sun was going down behind Dalbobergen, the water was warm and the surf felt goooood.

Next week I am starting a new job were I can be even more flexible with the hours so I can jump in the water when it´s good surf and work when it isn´t.

This is one of the rides I got out there.

Back in town

After a couple of good days up in Hoddevika Andreas and I said goodbye to all the old and new friends we had meet. Twelve hours later I was home, another six hours I was at work… Life feels weird some times.
A couple of hours in to work earlier today Lars called me and asked if I couldn´t get of earlier since the wind looked really good and the sun started to come out. I just got back home from a surf trip but why not get some more surf at the lake. I am glad I got the afternoon of since the surf was probably one of my best at Vänern. We surfed until sunset and now I am trying to figure out which Alt-J song I should use to the recordings.

vindsurf sikhall

Vassbotten, Vänern – Four Seasons

Once again it´s been some time since I last posted. Just want to post this short Vassbotten – Four season video. All the recordings are from the small inner lake of Vänern where I live. This is what we do at our free time. Hopefully there will be some more Wakesurf and Windsurf movies later this summer. The recordings shows Vassbotten in all different seasons, and this is some of the things you could do here



Erica haven´t been surfing since we got to El Salvador, but yesterday she went out twice. During high-tide the river mouth close to our hostel works really great. I tried to go out and catch some waves myself, but I tell you that Erica did a lot better then me 😉






Well at least I had some sick rides earlier in the morning. Ill make sure to make a movie soon again with all the new material I got.

wave 2

wave 3


Good surfing in Popoyo, Nicaragua – Go Pro view

Since I was stung by the jellyfish I spent most of my days on land in the shadow. Erica and I also went to get some medicine for the inflammation the other day. This morning I feel find and I am going the get into the water again. The swell started to pick up last night so this morning it suppose the be really good, and some decent size. Maybe today is the day to get a proper tube 😉

I put together some recordings from the first couple of days here.