Memories from El Salvador

Its almost two years ago Erica and I did our trip through Central America. When we were there the internet capacity didn´t allow med to upload all the movies I wanted, and when I got back I had a lot of material that I hadn´t used. So a couple of days ago I sat down and did a quick edit from Las flores in El Salvador.


Guatemala – Paredon

After some more days of travelling and a night in Escuintla Erica and I finally arrive to Paredon a small fishing village in Guatemala. We are staying in a two floor bungalow with a perfect ocean view. The only thing we are waiting for now is the waves. Last night was a night off thunderstorms rain and wind, so the water is still a bit rough after that.
Well i guess I can´t complain since the surf actually starts to look better now 😉
IMG_1381 [1600x1200]

IMG_1407 [1600x1200]

IMG_1404 [1600x1200]

IMG_1398 [1600x1200]

IMG_1396 [1600x1200]

IMG_1386 [1600x1200]

Later /Sebas

Close to the surf

After one night up in the mountain we are finally back on the coast again 😉 The place we are staying at now is probably the hostels closest to the surf I ever stayed at. It literally breaks against the hostel and the surf is just out there. Erica snapped the surf photos sitting in the hammock. She might actually enjoy taking photos from now on 🙂

After the surf I walked up and down the beach taking photos. The house on the cliff might be our future house if the price is right 😉 I also meet this guy who collected oysters. Hi sells them to restaurants for 10$ a dozen, and he had oysters worth about 30$ when he came in. For El Salvador that’s a really good income for two hours work.

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2 [1600x1200]

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8 [1600x1200]



Erica haven´t been surfing since we got to El Salvador, but yesterday she went out twice. During high-tide the river mouth close to our hostel works really great. I tried to go out and catch some waves myself, but I tell you that Erica did a lot better then me 😉






Well at least I had some sick rides earlier in the morning. Ill make sure to make a movie soon again with all the new material I got.

wave 2

wave 3


Traped in Potosi

It has been a couple of days since last time. What happened is that Erica and I left Las Penitas Sunday morning to get to a place called Potosi. From Potosi which a small village in northern Nicaragua we were supposed to take a boat Monday morning to El Salvador. On Monday morning 9AM became 10PM and 10PM came 11PM, and this went on the whole day. We ended up calling the hostel in El Salvador who planned the route and promised us that it would be a boat there Monday morning. They said that there was nothing they could do and that we would get a night for free when we showed up the next day. Well same thing happened the next day. Erica and I spent another day waiting for a boat to get to El Salvador. The guy working at the border, (which probably is the least busy border in the world) told us that there wasn´t any boat because there wasn´t any fish to trade. Now we know the real meaning of the expression “mana mana”.

We called the hostel again that night and they thought that we left and went somewhere else. They couldn´t believe that we were still there and promised that we could stay for free for ever at their hostel when we got there. So we spent another night but the same thing hapend again, no boat.

That was enough. We decided to travel back to Chinadega and go to El Salvador by buss, and that’s what we are doing right now. At the moment we are at a hotel just across the border from Nicaragua, 45 minutes into Honduras. Tomorrow we are going to wake up early and catch a bus to the El Salvadorian border and try to get to Las Flores asp, and cash in one free week.

Big thanks to a local family from Honduras who more or less helped us across the border and then drove us and checked us in to the hotel we are staying at. Amazing what some bad jokes in pore Spanish can do 😉





Got the tickets

Its been a while since I surfed last time. About three months to be exact! There ara many reasons why. Mostly because of school and work but also because of the cold winter the last two months. But there is one more reason…. I have bee saving for this:


The trip is going to start on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, and end somewhere in California three months later. Our plan is to take the bus all the way through Central America along the coastline. Roughly like the map below.

Travel plans

A couple of months ago I started to work out for the trip, to assure that I would be in great shape when Erica and I arrive there. Most of the posts the next two months before the trip are going to be about me getting in “surf shape” and what preparations that are necessary before a trip like this. So stay tuned. I will try to keep the blog updated as often as I can